Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Petpet Park Glitches

Hi, Princess Katia here! Petpet Park has a lot of glitches sometimes, so here is a list of some glitches I found.
1: Wishing Well Glitch: Sometimes when you try to throw a wish coin in the Wishing well, the menu to use the coins doesn't pop up.
2: Item Glitch: Sometimes some items get stuck on your cursor and can't get off, but when you log out and log back in, it seems to be fixed.
3: Old Harvestable Glitch: There's a Harvestable sign in Knight's Keep, but there is no plant to harvest.
4: Haircut Glitch: Sometimes after you put on a new Hairdo, the haircut is invisible.
5: No Sound Glitch: Sometimes Petpet Park has no sound on some rooms, and where there is a lot of people you can't hear the chat bubble noise.
6: Loading Glitch: It you have a lot of clothes in your closet then it keeps loading, and freezes.
7: Grammar Glitch: Well, I'm not sure if this is a glitch or not but I've noticed that on NPC Dialogues and Signs that there are numerous typos.
8: Old Quests Glitch: For some reason, You can still access the quest to get points for your class at the university even after the Tournament is over.
9: No Description Glitch: Sometimes some items have no description.
10: Infinite Color Applying/Hair Applying: Sometimes when you go to Groomtopia to get a Haircut or new Color it Infinitely loads, but if you refresh the page it should stop.
Well, those are the Glitches in Petpet Park. (That I know of ^_^) If you find any more, Comment on this Post!