Monday, September 22, 2014

Sad news....Good news

Hey everyone! Sad news, Petpet Park Has CLOSED. Yes, it broke my heart and shattered it to pieces. I cried when it closed. Also, this blog will be inactive and no longer be posted on or used. Good News Fans! I found this awesome game called Star Stable! :D It's actually the World's biggest Horse riding game, so yay! I will be doing videos on that, so I'll keep you updated on Google+. Farewell, PPP Fans!

Friday, August 22, 2014


Sorry I haven't been posting lately....I've been busy with school and other things! BTW, I just checked the post statistics and I have views from 2 new countries. Latvia and France. Cool! :D

Saturday, July 19, 2014

How to Complete Collection "Bright Novas" :)

Bright Novas:
Items-13- Shimmering Hearts Nova, Tassyana Nova, Corrihan Nova, Miriki Nova, Alien Nova, Plushie Nova, Malrone Nova, Shadow Grove Nova, Lava Nova, Mystical Magic Nova, Pirate Nova, Rainbow Nova, Ice Nova.
NC Needed? Yes
How to Complete: Keep Harvesting from the Nova Fountain in Celestial City until you get Shimmering Hearts Nova, Alien Nova, Plushie Nova, Shadow Grove Nova, Lava Nova, Mystical Magic Nova, Pirate Nova, Rainbow Nova, Ice Nova. Unfortunately The Tassyana Nova, Corrihan Nova, Miriki Nova, and Malrone Nova is no longer available. It was available in January 2012 from the Nova Craft Fountains spread across the park. If you participated in this event, and crafted all the novas, the collection should be complete. :)
Membership Required? No

Were you Frightned?

Hey, Princess Katia here, over the past 3 weeks, There has been no new news. Some of us thought Petpet Park was closing, while the others thought that they couldn't think of new news. Well, Finally there is news. Right Now, over 20 new NC Items were just released in the NC Mall, including the Cool Hula Trick! Also, there are a few more Summer Camp quests for you to enjoy. No Wonder there hasn't been news for awhile. I was a little frightened, to be honest. :(

Friday, July 18, 2014

Animals in love!

Animals in love is sooo adorable!! The pictures are so cute I can't take my eyes off them. :3

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Petpet Park Glitches

Hi, Princess Katia here! Petpet Park has a lot of glitches sometimes, so here is a list of some glitches I found.
1: Wishing Well Glitch: Sometimes when you try to throw a wish coin in the Wishing well, the menu to use the coins doesn't pop up.
2: Item Glitch: Sometimes some items get stuck on your cursor and can't get off, but when you log out and log back in, it seems to be fixed.
3: Old Harvestable Glitch: There's a Harvestable sign in Knight's Keep, but there is no plant to harvest.
4: Haircut Glitch: Sometimes after you put on a new Hairdo, the haircut is invisible.
5: No Sound Glitch: Sometimes Petpet Park has no sound on some rooms, and where there is a lot of people you can't hear the chat bubble noise.
6: Loading Glitch: It you have a lot of clothes in your closet then it keeps loading, and freezes.
7: Grammar Glitch: Well, I'm not sure if this is a glitch or not but I've noticed that on NPC Dialogues and Signs that there are numerous typos.
8: Old Quests Glitch: For some reason, You can still access the quest to get points for your class at the university even after the Tournament is over.
9: No Description Glitch: Sometimes some items have no description.
10: Infinite Color Applying/Hair Applying: Sometimes when you go to Groomtopia to get a Haircut or new Color it Infinitely loads, but if you refresh the page it should stop.
Well, those are the Glitches in Petpet Park. (That I know of ^_^) If you find any more, Comment on this Post!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The PetPetPet Collection Guide Is Now Complete!

Hey  Everyone! Princess Katia Here! The Petpetpet Collection Guide is now complete, so if you need to learn about Petpetpet collections they will be there. :) Later on I will be working on Harvestables so I will say when I'm done. :) Thanks, Princess Katia. :)