Monday, July 14, 2014

How to Complete Collection "Ponica Love" :)

Ponica Love:
Items-5- Ponica Striped Ball, Ponica Sweet Treats, Ponica Chip Treats, Ponica Wind-up-toy, Ponica Bed.
NC Needed? No
How to Complete: Go to the Pet Shop, buy a Ponica, (membership required) Keep it happy for 1 day to get Ponica Striped Ball, Keep it happy for 3 days to get Ponica Sweet Treats, Keep it happy for 5 days to get Ponica Chip Treats, Keep it happy for 7 days to get Ponica Wind-up-toy, Keep it happy for 14 days to get Ponica Bed. The Collection should now be Complete. :)
Membership Required? Yes