Friday, June 20, 2014

How to complete Collection "Clucken Love" :)

Clucken Love:
Items-5- Clucken Treat Biscuit, Handmade Clucken Craft, Clucken Kibble, Clucken Pencil, Clucken Lantern Toy.
NC Needed? No
How to Complete: Go to Grenn's Farm, and talk to Mellee. Do the "How do I get a Clucken?" Quest line and after a few quests, Mellee will give you a Lucky Golden Egg. Plant it in your Garden and feed it with Clucken feed for 3 days. It  should hatch and you should get a Clucken. Keep it happy for 1 day to get Clucken Treat Biscuit, Keep it happy for 3 days to get Handmade Clucken Craft, Keep it happy for 5 days to get Clucken Kibble, Keep it happy for 7 days to get Clucken Pencil, Keep it happy for 14 days to get Clucken Lantern Toy. The collection should be complete. :)
Membership Needed? No