Friday, June 20, 2014

How to complete collection "Boo Love" :)

Boo Love:
Items: 5- Boo Bed, Boo Wind-up-toy, Boo Rubber Ball, Boo Canned Food, Boo Treats.
NC Needed?-No
How To Complete: Buy a Boo from the Pet Shop, (membership required) walk it, Keep it happy for 1 day to get Boo Canned Food,  Keep it happy for 3 days to get Boo Treats,  Keep it happy for 5 days to get Boo Rubber Ball, Keep it happy for 7 days to get Boo Wind-up-toy, Finally, Keep it happy for 14 days to get Boo Bed. Once you receive all prizes from keeping it happy the collection should be completed.
Membership Needed?-Yes